Football drills to keep players going!

Jul 4, 2020 12:53 PM
Baystate Youth Football & Cheerleading Conference

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  • Give yourself some space
  • Grab a chair for the tricep dips
  • Sumo Squats are done with a wider stance, knees and toes pointed outwards
  • Take a 5 Minute break between First and Second time through
  • The second time through, subtract 5 from each number
A:  10 Burpees
B:  1-Minute Plank
C:  20 High Knees
D:  10 Mountain Climbers
E:  10 Lunges
F:  20 Crunches
G:  30 Second Leg Raises ( 6 Inches )
H:  10 Mountain Climbers
I:    15 Squats
J:   10 Tricep Dips
K:   15 Push Ups
L:    20 Second Wall Sit
M:   1 Minute Rest
N:   10 Burpees
O:   15 Push Ups
P:   10 Jump Squats
Q:   30 Second Rest
R:   30 Second Wall Sit
S:   30 Second Side Plank  ( Each Side 30 Seconds )
T:   15 Sumo Squats
U:   20 Jumping Jacks
V:   10 High Knees
W:  15 Tricep Dips
X:   10 Push Ups
Y:   10 Mountain Climbers
Z:   1-Minute Plank



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